Newbie query

Two questions from a newbie who likes to start projects by jotting down lots of ideas in an outliner (or index cards) and only later begin filling them in.

Am I right that there’s no simple keystroke way of adding new topics in outliner that might not be straightforward siblings but daughters/sons or indeed aunts/uncles (ie one level down/one level up) of the current topic (subdocuments I think they’re called and whatever the opposite is)? Acta (of beloved memory) used to let you type, press command-s or command-d or command-a and keep going at the speed of thought.

I’m sure I’ll survive without this. I can after all drag them about, but I wanted to check I wasn’t missing something.

Second question. For no logical reason, I don’t like all those metadata columns in the outliner. I’d prefer only titlle and synopsis. I know I can get rid of the other ones in the view menu but I KEEP having to do this with every new outline. Is there not some way of saving the way I want the outliner to look and having that as my default?

Thanks for the product though. Can’t think why I didn’t discover it earlier. Not only does it look like it’s amazingly useful, but it’s a delight to discover that there are so many active users you can get quick answers to things.

Save As Template… Then use your template for new projects, that way the outliner will look as you wish for new projects. Make sure you only save a skeletal project as your template, mind.

As for the other, remember that Scrivener is only part-outliner, it is not a dedicated outliner.


Thanks. I thought I’d looked around carefully but somehow I’d missed the “save as template” command.

Realise it’s not a dedicated outliner but suspect that once I’m more au fait with the program, I’ll probably come back beginning for it to become a feature.

For the moment, though, thanks again for the prompt help.