Newbie question about formatting


Apologies of this has been covered elsewhere, I couldn’t find any reference to anything similar.

I’ve had Scrivener for ages and not really used it in anger but am about to embark on a couple of projects.

When I cut and pasted my first content into the editor, some of the lines are mis-aligned to the LHS, see attached.

Can anybody help me find a way to make the LH column align correctly?



I must be cross-eyed because I don’t see what’s wrong with the screenshot. All of the paragraphs look to be using the same layout and alignment settings.

But as a general tip, copy and paste from one rich text source to another is often fraught with such perils. Two good friends will be the Edit/Paste and Match Style command, which does a total wipe out of all formatting for the incoming text, and Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style which in a post hoc fashion will clean up text you’ve cobbled together from various sources so that it all conforms to your appearance settings—this command, unlike Paste and Match Style, will respect inline formatting like underscores and italics.

If you mean that you don’t want the first line indented, you can change this from being the default style by going to the Formatting tab in Scrivener > Preferences and then adjusting the ruler above the sample text there. Drag the top triangular marker all the way left to remove all first-line indentation. That will fix things for new documents; to change existing documents to match the new defaults, just select them in the binder and then use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

Thanks, that has sorted it out. I thought there would be some way to adjust it in the editor but was looking for an option to switch on the ruler rather than in the preferences.

You’ve saved my sanity!


Sorry, you can do this in the editor too; the ruler is visible per editor via Format > Show Ruler. So you can use that for selected text, but if you typically want all your text without the first-line indent, you’ll want to adjust that in preferences just to avoid having to constantly reset it.