Newbie question about progress bar

No sniggling, okay? I’m still really new to Scrivener. There’s a little progress bar on the upper right side of the editor that has stopped at 19%–and I have no idea why it’s there at all. It has happened before, and I have yet to figure out how to make it go away or why it’s there in the first place, even with the Dummies book. Help?

I also have gotten this bar and have no idea why it shows up occasionally. I’ve found that clicking back and forth between different documents in the binder sometimes makes it disappear, you might try that.

It worked! I had to click on files in folders below the one I’m working in right now, but it went away as soon as I did that. Thank you! I hope someone comes to explain what it’s for as well, so that I’ll know if it’s something I might actually want to use at some point.

The progress bar indicates the page loading in the editor; usually this isn’t seen at all except when your computer memory is running a little lower and/or you have a long or complex document trying to load in the editor. It is a little buggy, however, and that’s something we’re hoping to resolve as part of a rewrite of the code for loading the text documents; in the meanwhile, it’s nothing harmful, and you can usually make it disappear also by enlarging the editor or by dragging the scroller all the way to the bottom of the document.