newbie question: arrow keys for single line scrolling

I’m just experimenting with Scrivener and it seems very useful. My problem is that, when editing, I’m accustomed to using the arrow key to scroll down a line at a time. In Scrivener when, I get to the bottom of the screen, the down arrow key no longer moves the text up by a line but jumps everything up half a page. Which means I lose sight of the line I’m reading, in a way that I find quite distracting.
Anyway, my question is whether there’s an option to continue line-by-line scrolling once you reach the bottom of the screen, in the way that, say, Word allows you to do.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t know that there’s a way to change the line scrolling, but have you tried selecting the option to “highlight current line”? That should make it easy to keep track of where you are even if the text jumps up a few lines. Scrivener>Preferences:Editor, up in the top list under Editing Options. You can change the highlight color in Preferences:Appearance toward the bottom under Customizable Colors (Editor:Current Line Highlight).

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Thanks you. I will try that.

Another option is to use a macros program like QuicKeys. I have QuicKeys set up so that when I press the up or down arrows, QuicKeys presses the arrow key and then immediately types Command-J (Edit > Find > Jump to Selection), which automatically centers the active line. Now my active line always in the middle of the screen.