Newbie Question: Folders & Documents

Dear Friends: Hope you’re well. When I convert a document with text to a folder in the binder, is there a way to still keep separate the document with text from the folder? Hope this makes sense. When I convert a document with text to a folder, I would still like the text as a document in the folder. Thanks for whatever guidance you can offer.

If I understand correctly, you want a folder for a container that holds text documents?

If so, it would be easiest to just add a new folder to your binder then drag and drop your text doc on it.

If you already changed the text doc to a folder, just reverse and change folder to text first. :blush:


The important thing to be aware of is that the difference between a “folder” and a “file” is very slender, and mostly has to do with some default behaviours that happen when you click on it. With a folder, it will use a group view mode by default, such as the Corkboard. With a file, it will always switch to the text editor.

That however does not mean that you cannot turn the corkboard on for a text file. It would be empty, but if you add cards to it, you will see how it becomes a group, in doing so. And vice versa, you can turn off the corkboard for a folder, and view its text content as though it were a file.

So that little icon in the corner of the folder, that looks like a page, that means this folder has text content, and that you can turn off the corkboard (or whichever group view mode you are currently using) to see it.

In short, try not to think of these things like File Explorer. In Scrivener’s draft folder, everything in the outline can be a group for other things, and everything can have text. Changing something from a folder or a text item, or the other way around, is purely a choice then of how you want that thing to act when you click on it.

That all aside, to get to what I think is your main question, I think what you are really trying to do is this:

  1. Select the text item that should be grouped into a new folder.
  2. Use the Documents ▸ New Folder from Selection menu command.

This will create a new folder, and nest the item(s) you had selected into it.


I never knew this worked the way you explained it. I learned something new today, the day is not wasted! Thank you!

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Many thanks FamilyPuzzleSolver and AmberV for your insights. Thanks especially AmberV for helping me understand the difference between “folder” and a “file.” I’ll try your suggestions. Thanks again to you both.
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