Newbie Question: My Templates Disappeared

I use Scrivener on a late 2009 MacBook and 2008 iBook. I have Dropbox set up to sync my work in Scrivener across the computers, and even read through all 12 pages of the forum post about Dropbox. :slight_smile: So I’m fairly sure I set it up right. (I could be wrong.)

I don’t know if it has to do with Dropbox or something else, but (seemingly) out of the middle of nowhere last week, on both computers, I can no longer access my templates–whether a one I created previously, or any of the pre-set ones. I can get to the “Getting Started” stuff (tutorial, etc.) but nothing else. I still see the template icons, but instead of “Open,” I get “Choose” as an option.

Then I go to Choose and it makes me navigate to the folder where the templates would be (Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Project Templates, right?), but just about nothing is there.

Any ideas on where they went and how to get them back? As well as how to prevent this from happening in the future? Wondering if I inadvertently set something up wrong.

This sounds like it’s working right. When you select a template, you’re creating a new project from that template, so you get to “Choose” a location to save the new project. Once you’ve chosen a location and given the project a name, Scrivener creates it and opens it for you. It will have all the binder items, project settings, and compile settings that are part of the template.

MM: Thank you. You are right, and all is well.

Out of curiosity, where are the Scrivener project templates saved? And what file extension do they have? I would have though they’d be in the App Support folder of “Project Templates,” but is that just any templates that I’ve created?

Thanks for your help.

Any project templates you create are saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates with a .scrivtemplate extension. The built-in templates are bundled in the package. You can export any templates (including the defaults) by selecting it in the Project Template window and then choosing “Export Selected Template” from the Options popup menu.

Great–all clear now. Thank you!