Newbie Question re: MMD + Scriv + BibTEX + .doc

Total newbie here, so go easy on me… I’ll cut to the chase:

Is there a way for me to write up my copy in Scrivener in MMD3, while including BibTeX citekeys (from BibDesk) into it, then through the magic of compiling (and a few others steps I’m sure) end up with an RTF, or DOC, or DOCX, or something? From what I’ve been able to gather over the last few days is this: I can write up my copy in MMD3 all day, include BibTeX citekeys, compile MMD -> to LaTeX, then I’m lost. I’m assuming the only way to pull in my BibTeX citations is by compiling to LaTeX first. But after that, how do I get to an RTF, or FODT, or DOC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Background: I’m working on a research paper in the MLA format.

The normal output from mmd3-latex-Bibtex is PDF. If you need word or similar then I can think of two possible routes (disclaimer: I’ve not tried any of these myself):

  1. Go through latex then convert to doc or fodt. There’s a list of converters here:

  2. Don’t covert to latex, but go to doc, then use Bibtex4Word to pull in your references:
    You’ll need to be on a PC to use that.

There is also a route 2b, which out be to go from mmd3 to doc, but to use mmd’s basic bibliographic tools. Of course, that would only work if you if you don’t have too many references – but if you’re looking at MLA then I imagine you’ll have loads of references which will make this impractical.