Newbie question: What's "HUD"?

I’ve looked all over on the site (and on the web… and get only Heads Up Display, or Housing and Urban Development…), but can’t figure out what the “HUD” in HUD Keywords means…

Sorry for such an elementary newbie question!

Ok, now I got it. I’ve been using Macs for 23 years and I didn’t know what a HUD was… found the definition on Wikipedia… embarrassing!

That said: Scrivener is an awesome app! After using the demo for a couple of weeks, I bought it and am really impressed with this (writer’s) approach to writing!


Because fighter pilots need to assign keywords as fast as possible!

This is also a learning for me. I didn’t know what HUD stood for.

Strictly speaking then, shouldn’t we also refer to the Fonts HUD and the Project Targets HUD? Would this be a correct usage as it relates to the way Scrivener implements these things?


No. “HUD” is the Apple term purely for black translucent panels, not for regular grey panels. (The term “HUD” will be explained in the 2.0 tutorial, as it does get a few users.)

Got it. Thanks.