Newbie question: why does my daily tracker just go up and up and up?

I missed two days of writing (I know, I know), but ever since I’ve been trying to write a few hundred words extra to make up for it. Yet it seems like the word tracker just keeps upping my goal? This happened a few times before my faux paux of missing writing days too. I guess I don’t understand how the tracker works?

That is because you’ve set a deadline. So the missed days’ target word count is divided between the remaining days up to your deadline.

(Windows screenshots.)



Just turn it off, set your target in the session target, and then your daily target will stay steady.

With a deadline set, any time you don’t reach the daily goal, the target will rise for the remaining days. Writing more than your daily goal would result in the opposite.

You may also uncheck this :

(Mines grayed out because I don’t actually have a deadline set.)


THANK YOU! So if I want to make my (hypothetical) deadline I guess I have to do three days today to catch up with the lost word count?

You’re the best!

Thank you!

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Or increase output over a week or so and catch up.