Newbie Question....

I’ve just bought Scrivener and am working my way through the tutorial and manual, but of course I want to get going and use it on my current project…

So maybe someone can clarify something that is currently holding me up: I’ve opened a new project in Non-Fiction Format and want to work with sections and sub-sections… but isn’t immediately apparent to me how I add new sections and sub-sections.

I’m probably missing something completely obvious, I know…



Hi Julian,

Welcome aboard. I definitely recommend delving a bit further into the tutorial or at least looking at the 10-minute introductory video if you’re stuck at this step. But all you need to do us click one of the “+” buttons. In the non-fiction project, it is divided into folders and text docs if I recall correctly. So just click on the appropriate add button at the bottom of the binder, use the commands in the Project menu, a keyboard shortcut (which are listed in the menu) or the green “Add” button in the toolbar (click to add a text doc or hold it down or Ctrl-click to choose a different type to add).

All the best,

Many thanks for replying.

I managed to figure it out… it seems like every time I post a public question exposing my ignorance, I discover the answer a few minutes afterwards. Oh well… onward and upward!