Newbie Question


I am using Scrivener in the trial phase and trying to compile my first effort. Most everything seems ok and it goes to compile, the book actually opens up in Kindle Previewer then before I can scan through more than a couple of pages to check it, an error message pops up and everything disappears from kindle and the compiled file does not save. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong? The only thing that seemed a bit different was that it would not allow me to install KindleGen as that doesn’t seem to be a feature Amazon provides anymore? Thank you :blush:
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Hi, Cassi! Read this post for instructions on how to get Scrivener set up to recognize the version of KindleGen that comes with Kindle Previewer.

You may also wish to see if you have the latest and greatest version of Kindle Previewer installed on your system.

and KDP have now brought out a new version, Kindle Create.

Reading through the docs, I get the sense that Kindle Create is not a replacement for Kindle Previewer so much as it is a separate interior layout tool. I haven’t played with it at all, so I don’t know if it includes KindleGen at all, which is the specific tool within the Previewer application bundle that Scrivener relies on to convert ePub files (created by Compile) to MOBI.

At any rate, Kindle Previewer is still alive and well and being maintained, as of this writing.

I don’t have enough tech savvy to answer that, devinganger. I’ve downloaded it (Kindle Create) and experimented with it and it’s good but a bit temperamental. I’m not ready to publish, but when I published my first book I did all the formatting for print myself. It was a steep learning curve. As far as I can see, KC will automatically format a book for ebook and print. So I’m looking forward to trying it.