Newbie questions: change to scrivenings, changing font

Hi, just started the free trial and there are some basic things that I can’t work out how to do (or even if they are possible).

  1. One of the selling points on the website is “move smoothly between editing your document one piece at a time or together as a whole”, but I’m totally failing to see how to do this!

I can move from scrivenings mode to a individual document, by hitting ctrl-shift-8 so it highlights where you are in the left pane, then clicking on the left pane.

But what if you want to go the other way? At the moment I am going up to the folder that contains all the documents, switching to scrivenings mode, then scrolling down through the entire set of documents to find my place again.

  1. How do I change the formatting for the entire project?

Even in scrivenings mode, select all seems to just select one document. Is there any way to change the font and font size for the entire project?

  1. Once you’ve entered scrivenings mode, click on the icon next to “Multiple Selections” in the header bar and select Lock in Place. The header bar will turn red. Then select any one of the documents from your Scrivenings session in the binder, and it will jump to that one. This only works for documents that are part of the scrivenings session.

  2. Adjust fonts & margins, paragraph spacing and the like in Tools->Options->Editor. Once everything is adjusted the way you like. Select the documents you want to be formatted that way in the binder and choose Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style.

Thank you!

Being able to quickly shift select all the documents and change the formatting in them all is great. (I get anal about everything looking the same!).

The Lock in Place thing is very useful, but it’s not what I would call ‘smooth’ to move between a single document, and seeing it in context with the documents around it (i.e. work out what document you are in and remember it, select range of multiple documents, lock in place, click on the document you started in). I guess I was expecting an easy ‘hit one button’ approach to switching modes.

In general I am finding it quite easy to ‘lose my place’ when I do anything. I can’t take a look at the outline view then jump right back to where I was typing. Even switching to split screen seems to make the documents scroll about wildly.