Newbie Questions

I’m coming to Scrivener midstream, so to say, having imported a book I’ve been working on in Word. I’m scrambling to get with the Scrivener program and am doing pretty well, I think, but one question: When I create a new file, say “Introduction,” and I want to move that section from the Word file, what I see when I first open the file is a blank page with a dotted line. I’ve searched without success through the manual and forum – what is the dotted line for? Do I just paste my section above the dotted line, which is where the cursor is? Thanks.

Oh, and am I correct that there is no indexing function in Scrivener? Is there indexing software that will work with Scrivener?

Thanks, and looking forward to learning all the things Scrivener has to offer – it’s come highly recommended by my writer friends (“WHY are you still using Word???”)

The dotted line that you are seeing probably means that you are in Scrivenings View. Scrivenings View is a mode that allows you to see several documents stitched together as if they are a single document. You generally wind up in this view any time that you select more than one item at once in the binder, or if you have a “parent” item selected (an item that has child docs beneath it – usually a folder, but documents can be parents as well). You can switch the view mode under the “View” menu to get out of Scrivenings View, but generally you just select a child-level document, and it will automatically take you out of Scrivenings View and put you in the regular Document Edit view.

In Scrivenings View, the dotted line shows you where one individual document ends, and another begins.

There is indeed no indexing feature in Scrivener.

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Thanks! That makes sense. I appreciate the information. Working hard to learn the program!