Newbie: Which template for nonfiction book?

Newbie question here: I want to start working on a nonfiction book; it’s a music instruction book with text and musical examples (as jpeg or tiff files). Which template would get me going with the least amount of tweaking?

The nonfiction templates look like they’re mostly for articles or papers.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

I just posted this to requests for templates for version 2. It applies here since nobody has resonded to this post.

I wrote in my other post.

I would purchase Scrivener today if it has a template for a non-fiction book.

My main consideration against purchasing the program is that this template has been repeatedly requested through these forum posts but never addressed by the developers of the program.

The way we add templates is by feedback on what the templates need. Here’s the problem, we don’t actually publish scientific papers, nor do we write books of poetry, or work for Hollywood. We can make some guesses at what might be useful in templates for these tasks, but that wouldn’t be very useful to the people actually in these trades. So that’s where the experts come in. To date, nobody has really stepped up with a good idea on what a non-fiction template should look like. It’s a rather nebulous concept, after all. Non-fiction is so broad. Sure you’ve got things like research and maybe quotations to collect—but even the blank project has a research folder already. It’s not like fiction where you can be reasonably sure that everyone is going to be writing scenes with characters in them, and that those characters are going to be in locations. There are fewer predictable elements in non-fiction.

So if either of you can come up with some ideas on what it is you were looking for when you decided you needed a template instead of just building your own project from Blank, here’s the place to vent. :slight_smile:

And yeah, that last line was my sideways way of saying: bunches of writers here never touch templates. They start their books with the Blank setting and roll their own for each book, or make their own templates. If Scrivener doesn’t have a template for Writing Project X, that doesn’t mean it can’t support X, because templates are just projects—and all of them started out as Blank themselves. Don’t let the lack of a template hold you back from jumping in!

You may be well on your way by now, but since I just saw this, if you still need help, what are you after with the templates? To be honest, I just about always start with blank or a custom one I’ve already made to set things up the way I like it, but the key thing about that is that all the templates are entirely customizable to your usage, so you can easily change or delete or add to them once you start the project.

Essentially what you’re looking at is just a set-up in the binder by way of demonstration, and some pre-created labels and statuses or other meta-data. If you have very specific ones you want for your music book–e.g. labels to indicate what sort of example the image is, or keywords specific to your project–you may be best off starting with a blank template and then setting that up first. Nothing that specific exists in any of the current templates. (Though if you set up your own project perfect for writing music-related texts, you could certainly save it as a template for your own future use or to share with others!)

I’m afraid without knowing more of what you’re looking for in the template, I can’t be much help. :neutral_face:

I just replied to your post in the Announcements thread–what are you envisioning with such a template? It’s hard to create a template based solely off the idea of “non-fiction book” since there are so many, and presumably you have in your head some idea of what you’re after. If you could share the specs, that would help significantly.

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Seriously? You will refuse to buy the program if it doesn’t include this specific template?

It is, of course, your money to use as you see fit. But in my own experience with business writing, the formatting piece is by far the least difficult, and can be handled perfectly adequately by a wide variety of software programs. The content development piece requires much more thought and effort, and only a handful of tools (Scrivener being one) provide any real support at all for this part of the task.


There IS a template for Non-fiction Book.
It’s called Blank.
Go into Preferences: Formatting and set as follows
Double-space, 12-point serif font; 3 ticks on ruler for tab indent
Or set indent with top part of margin marker.
Right margin: ragged or justified.

That’s it. A non-fiction book has a very simple format.