Newby Advice Please

I have not yet purchased Scrivener. I am working on a Ph.D. requiring Chicago Style and doing other writing. I am trying to decide which writing platform would be the best of the best to accomplish that, and looking for advice. Is Scrivener that program? Are there one or two others I should consider?

I went down the Scrivener path some years ago for my theisis (finished last year). At the start (Scrivener 1) I was envious of my Mac owning colleague with Scrivener 3. Later on and now, I remain greatful for the continuing Scrivener (3) updates in Windows and this community. Still thinking about a possible macOS step.
I use Scrivener and Endnote together (you need a reference source - I tried others but went back to Endnote) and Microsoft Word for the interim and final compiles. I used Visio for diagrams and Excel for tables. PowerPoint also helped (surprising to me) for some of the image/diagram adjustments. I used many other programs (eg OpenOffice-my path was longer than many) but in the end selected tools that my university supports.
My style was (and is) APA but Scrivener and Endnote support Chicago as well.
I recommend the Scrivener path, knowing full well that the other tools you choose will have options that work with your approach. I recommend compiling (preparing for publication) often, to ensure that the exit path is clear when you are under most pressure. Also, learn what No Style means- this is central to the key difference in working with the power of Scrivener.
Happy writing!