Newcomer: how to simply change export formatting


I’m new to Scrivener, just worked through the tutorial, and what’s coming up right away as I move a small writing project in is this: how do I simply modify small parts of the compiler’s formatting? The tutorial talked about how I’m ‘never gonna really need to modify’ the defaults, but I can’t see how to (for example) make the text double-spaced. I’ve figured out how to change the font, but that’s about it.

Any advice on how to better use the compiler for simple stuff without getting into the weeds—if indeed that’s possible—would be greatly appreciated.


The simplest way would be to start with the correct Project Template, choose the right Compile Format, and accept the output.

Since you’re already changing font and line height, you’ll have to dig in the Compile Format Designer.

Did you discover the Compile Format Designer already?

Maybe a good book on the matter may help?