Newlines as paragraphs in markdown


I’m exporting my NaNo-Project (yes I am procrastinating right now) to markdown, so I can manually convert it to LaTeX and PDF.

The problem is, that the newlines aren’t transformed correectly. Here an example:
My Scrivener-text:
“Hi, how are you doin?”
“I’m fine”

The markdown and trasnformed LaTeX:
“Hi, how are you doin?”
“I’m fine”

Which results into the PDF:
“Hi, how are you doin?” “I’m fine”

So the markdown and should be exported as:
“Hi, how are you doin?”

“I’m fine”

But how can I do that?

BTW I am transforming the mmd to tex via pandoc.

Has anybody an idea?

Thanks in advance

That sounds like quite the procrastination project, similar to ones that I have partaken in, myself, in the past. :slight_smile:

Scrivener just passes through your text to the MultiMarkdown engine, with the exception of a few things that we support directly, such as images and footnotes. So the presumption is that you’ll be creating a properly formed MultiMarkdown (or Pandoc, whatever you prefer) document as you write. Having lines right next to each other like that is a valid part of the syntax, but having paragraphs spaced properly with an empty line between them is mandatory. So in answer to how you do that, you press return more than once. :slight_smile:

You may be able to use the Convert to plain text option in the Transformations compile option pane though. Assuming there is paragraph spacing applied to your paragraphs, this purely visual convention can be converted to literal text space. You can find more about the feature in the user manual starting at the bottom of page 401.

Thanks for the answer,

The markdown export is one of many I am using, so there is no way, I can add a newline after every paragraph.

An option to do that while compiling would be nice.

I tried the replacement function, but my windows version crashed, when I am trying to replace with .

Well for now I am adding to my compile process a step where I do the replacement on the console.

BTW: The windows version of the Handbook does not have a page 401.

Thanks again

Ah sorry, I was answering in the wrong forum. The feature I refer isn’t in the PC version yet and only works in limited circumstances anyway. Overall the notion with Scrivener is that you’re making a Markdown document, it doesn’t make one for you. It a choice in how you write, with it’s own set of export options.