Newlines in filenames

I noticed you can use Alt-ENTER to insert newlines into filenames in the binder, apparently without issue. Is this deliberate? I got a little confused as I stumbled across it and ended up creating a two-line filename instead of renaming a file. I wanted to rename a file called ‘xxxx’ to ‘xxxx yyyy’ and ended up creating a file called

xxxx yyyyy’

Scriv doesn’t seem to care (it just displays one line of the name), and it doesn’t bother me, I was just wondering if there is a reason for that functionality that escapes me :slight_smile:


It’s just a standard part of all Apple controls that Option-return allows you to enter a newline, and I didn’t see any real need to disable it given that it may even be useful in some rare circumstances.

I like it. A semi-secret powerful-looking feature with mysterious potential!


E.E. Cummings meets Scrivener Titles.