Newly created documents should be immediately selected for editing

This may not be a bug, but rather, a suggestion for an improvement to usability. Consider the following procedure executed on an iPad:

  1. Select the parent “Drafts” folder
  2. Click the plus sign at the bottom of the binder to create a new document
  3. Title the document in the dialog, and then click Add

Now, the document is created. However, it is not automatically selected and ready for editing. I must now click on the document to select it and begin writing. Perhaps it is not in ALL cases, but I think it is in MOST cases that if you create a new document, you intend to write or paste something in it immediately thereafter. In this case, which I assume is most common, it is inconvenient to have to select the document again before you begin writing or pasting text.

Sure, you might say, “Geeze, these users! How hard is it to tap the screen?” But consider the case where you may be moving multiple documents from some other system in to Scrivener on an iPad (e.g. OneNote to Scrivener). In this case, you are doing a lot of creating, copying, and pasting. With twenty plus documents, a minor thing like this starts to become more than just a minor thing. It adds one step to a process, but then… times twenty (or however many documents you are bulk migrating).

There may be other reasons why it works the way it does that I am unaware of. If so, I trust your understanding over my own. Either way, thanks for considering this.

Instead of tapping “Add,” tap “Open.”


It’s pretty good