I once experimented a bit with the first version of Newnovelist ( It’s Windows-only, and while it’s not an elegant program like scrivener (which I am evaluating now) - I would rather call it a very big wizard, it’s actually not bad from an educational point of view.
The program title says it all: it is squarely aimed at writing a first (and second) novel, forcing the user to define a workable structure. It is probably too structured for more experienced writers but I could see the charm of the approach.

Actually it was NewNovelist that first sparked the idea for Scrivener. I bought 1.0 years ago, back when I used a PC. It was the whole “wizard” thing that I didn’t like, though - it forces you to write according to Vogler’s 12-step interpretation of Campbell. I thought how cool it would be to have that outline view on the left, which controlled the content on the right, structured however you wanted…
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