news sites you read on a daily basis

I’m curious about what news sites you use to check each morning.

I check cnn and google news.

Attention span for the win.

– BBC (home page, UK front page and Suffolk regional page)
– East Anglian Daily Times (regional paper)

But I’m not very rigorous about it. My news fix comes from the newspaper we get delivered, or from the BBC news on radio/television.

check every morning - none at all.

But if I want to look something up I’ve heard, then I usually head for BBC.

Google news where I read each story from the different viewpoints of the newspapers.

Pattayaone news which is the web presence of a Thai local news channel. On TV this presents accidents deaths murders in graphic fashion. On the web its pixelated.

Jihadwatch which is the website of Robert Spencer who maintains that we are suffering global Jihad and records all examples of Islamic terrorism.


The Moggy Chronicle, what else!

The L&L forums. What else matters in this world? Seriously.

Paul, It is easy to stay ignorant in the security of my isolated, remote, primarily anglo saxon village. Rarely do the cattle go on jihadist stampedes. That said keep your head low over there or at least try not to paint a target that is to easy to see.

What “amuses” me about Jihadwatch is it is like a lense filter.
You hold it up look through it and everything is coloured by that view.

If you go to the David Icke website he reports on the news via his own lizard conspiracy theory. Now that really bends you mind.


The only real news site that matters. The only one that gets it right. The only one that is unbiased. The only one that is not politically influenced. The only one that brings tears to my eyes.
The Onion

With top notch investigative reporting like this story
Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

I do their crossword on my iphone.

I eschew news.

Google news for the “world” perspective. NYT for USA and culture. Slashdot to laugh at geeky jokes in the comments section. And for all else, MetaFilter.

Jeeezz!!! pink! That sounds really painfull. Does it catch in your throat, or nasal passages, when you do? :open_mouth:

Yes, by all means, L&L New Posts

Fifteen to twenty, I’m sorry to say, mainly British and American. I hit them in a half-hour blitz every day. As a bred-in-the-bone news addict I need to score my daily fix. Once I was paid to indulge my addiction, now I’m just addicted.

But beyond that, I believe I’m living through the biggest news story and most significant set of changes in my adult lifetime*, and I’m mesmerised by it.


*I was a child at the time of Cuba, and though the superpowers have come almost as close to blowing us up twice more since then, none of us knew so those occasions don’t count.

I’m reading the two major Italian newspapers’ RSS, just to find they have no news apart for some gossip about football heroes. O, and the politicians of my political area are debating among themselves, again and again.

Then I go to the rich regional section, with a couple local newspapers and the several online news sites. I’m more and more interested to local news, than national ones. It’s something I can still feel as ‘mine’ - contrary to the news from a sinking country.

I also read news from other EU countries, notably Le Monde, The Guardian, The Independent, El Pais, the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Also, a quick look at USA news are due (NYT, FT and SF Guardian are the ones I bookmarked). Sometimes Haaretz, for some inside view from the most tumultuous side of my own sea.

But I cannot start working, without first also giving a quick look to science and computer news. Either I expect they announce the aliens are among us, or they have cloned Steve Jobs. In other words, something to make my day a bit more exciting.


I agree on local vs. national, especially in a nation as massive as the one I live in—stuff happening on the other coast is so culturally and physically far away from me that I might as well be reading news about Europe. I tend to just pick up local free non-dailies for that stuff, though, rather than online. I do keep up (fifteen minutes a day) on national and global because I get ideas and such from a wider pool of humanity.

I just hawk it up and spit it out every morning.

Hey! Yeah!! So do I :smiley:
Small world init? :wink:

The pool may be wide, but 'tis equally as shallow.

Today I am having a zen day.

I don’t do it on the sidewalk though.