Newsletter subscription software?

Hi All,
I am after some quick advice.

I need to setup a mailing list for people interested in a Windows version of Aeon Timeline.

I am after what I hope is fairly straightforward software that will do the following:
[] Allow users to sign up for the newsletter via a simple web form I will setup on my website (there will be a promo code for those that do upon release)
] Preferably have double opt-in (i.e. so they get a confirmation email after first entering their name).
[] Allow them to unsubscribe either via an “unsubscribe” email, or a webform.
] Make it easy for me to send a bulk email to everyone who has signed up for the list.
[*] Not be dodgy (i.e. nothing to do with spam etc).

I am happy for it to be hosted (if costs aren’t ridiculous), or fine if I can install it on my own web host instead. Interaction/management is fine through a browser.

The alternative of some Mac software that does this would also be fine.

If anyone has any experience setting something like this up and knows a cheap, easy to use service that is free of any gotchas, would love to hear about it.

I need to get this setup within the next day or so, so I don’t have a lot of time to shop around and test too many out.


Deleted joke which will now seem snarky if ready out of context.

Mailchimp will do everything you need. Highly recommended!

Sorry, forgot to reply to this at the time.

Thanks for the link. I ended up signing up with Mail Chimp and have everything setup.