Newsletter Subscription with Mail Addresses including '+'

In the Scrivener opening dialogue, I cannot subscribe to the Scrivener newsletter with a Gmail addresses including a ‘+’ character. Could you please allow ‘+’ for newsletter mail addresses?

See … -your.html for further information on the plus character in Gmail addresses.


Which form are you using to sign up for the newsletter? I just ran a quick test using the sign-up form available at the bottom of the Trial info page, and was able to subscribe with a “+” address. Granted, I didn’t try from a Gmail address—but that shouldn’t make a difference.


Yes, this is a known bug with the in-application newsletter form. If you use the one on the site at the address Ioa pointed to, though, it will work - it’s just a bug with the form inside the application. I’m not sure why, as I haven’t had chance to look into it yet, but someone else pointed it out recently.


Thank you, Keith, and sorry for bringing up the issue again.


Here is a link to the trial form, which does work with + addresses:

It’s at the very bottom of the page.