Newspaper like Columns

Hi all,

Am loving using Windows Version: Beta (894377) 64-bit - 13 Apr 2020!

How do I write in two columns on a page, like in a magazine or newspaper style please?

Yours Faithfully

You don’t.
You write the text the usual way and then compile to a two-column format. Or compile to docx and fix the layout in Word.
Scrivener is not and has never been intended to be wysiwyg.

Wow thats shattering - no way Scrivener doesn’t do this surely?

You see I one one page I need the left hand column in English and then on the opposing right hand column I place the Japanese translation.

So each paragraph on each column must be placed opposite each other…

Maybe the following might help.

You could insert a table with two columns. Then you could keep the English in one column, and the Japanese translation in the other. You could have a row for each paragraph, thus keeping the English and the Japanese horizontally next to each other. Or you could have only one row, in which case you have to keep the English and Japanese (written left to right) next to each other by using blank lines when necessary.

I don’t know if this compiles well into what you want, but I think it should allow writing in Scrivener with the English and Japanese next to each other.