Newspaper's style column in ebook (an how to question)

in my novel, I have several instances where my text should mimic a newspaper column.
How can I format a style so that when I will compile my text to an ebook, the column’ s RIGHT INDENT will be relative to the right side of the screen (not the left, as Scrivener seems to handle it - therefor making sure it stays not only narrower than the rest of the text, but also centered no matter the e-reader’s screen size) ?

A Block Quote style should be indented from the left and the right. In the e-book Compile Format Designer, there’s an option in de Compile Styles tab to make sure these Styles are compiled the right way. If you know CSS, the markup to center elements is: margin: 0 auto;


In compile: do you mean the “match right indent to left” option ?

Yes, that what it was called. Now I’m behind a pc…

Well, I needed to find my Right Indent Marker at 18cm in File > Options > Editor > Formatting and place it to the left to use it in this Newspaper Mockup. You’ll need a few Styles other than the Block Quote Style for the body text of the column if you want it just like this…

That’s the Match right indent to left checkbox. The User Manual is rather silent about it. 24.4.3 only hints at it in the yellow box, 24.4.4 doesn’t mention it at all. At the description of the rules there’s mention on Right Indent. Appearently, Format > Paragraph> In\Decrease Indents \ In\Decrease Right Indent does the same…

Ok thanks.
That should do it - assuming I got it right… (I’ll have to run a test, then look in Sigil to see if the right indent was really applied relative to the right side of the available display space or whatnot – easy fix in Sigil anyways… assuming a dedicated style for such text was assigned in the first place.)
So basically, the column could be emulated in Scrivener using the right indent of paragraph as it is behaving now (relative to the left side rather than the right side - just forget about having the column page-centered), which’s value should be overridden by that “match right indent to left” compiling option…

Sounds right ?

The right indent matching setting should be working fine with ebook output. You don’t need to change the right indent at all, when using that, just set the left indent to what should be matched on the right. And given the nature of how this works, it should be in the horizontal middle on the screen.

You can double-check to see if it is working from the CSS compile formatting pane. Formatting adjustments you make to styles will be found in the right “Default Stylesheet” column. Here is an example from a test I ran with a style called “New Column”:

.news-column {
    margin: 1.33rem 9.45rem 1.33rem 9.45rem;
    text-indent: 0rem;
    line-height: 1.1em;

This is usually a hint that something is broken enough that it doesn’t work as expected. It seems they have fixed it well enough for ebook output at this time, so I’ll make some revisions, but I’m still getting no valid output in RTF-based output.

So for word processing, for the moment, one would need to calculate the right margin themselves, based on the width of the page and margin offsets applied to it, in the Page Settings compile format pane.