"Next style" not working properly

When configuring a style, setting it so that next style is self (at the bottom of the config popup window), the style is showing up properly in the style bar for the newly created paragraph, but the formatting is what is set as the default formatting in the options. (Wrong font + wrong font size)

Can someone please repeat the experiment ?
All you need to do is create a new style (which you may easily discard afterward) using any other font and font size than what you normally use. Configure the style as in the image below, than see if it uses the default formatting font and font size rather than the new font when creating a new paragraph using the return key at the end of a paragraph to which that new style was assigned. Thanks.

Font family and size are attributes of character styles, not paragraph styles. You have configured this to be a paragraph style, so it will not override the font and size. If you change it to “all formatting” (making it a paragraph+character style) it will give you the option to update the style definition and apply the selected font and size everywhere you have applied that style.

Why the checkboxes for font family and font size then ?
And if I remember correctly, it used to work fine until a couple of months ago.

The reason I don’t (want to) use the “save all formatting” option, is that it removes the highlighting. (Which I use a lot as a color code for sections I don’t quite like yet, and wish to eventually rework and/or rewrite ect.)

I just tried it with “save all formatting” and it doesn’t remove the highlighting anymore. (I can swear it used to ; as well as bold and italics…)
Oh well, I don’t know when the change occurred, but it seems to work this way ; so thanks mate. :slight_smile:

The font family and font size options, when selected for inclusion, apply for paragraph styles as well as for character/all-formatting styles, so the original report is in fact demonstrating a bug. The font settings are being saved in the style and are applied when the style is applied to existing text, but they seem to be dropped on new text–so although the text is still marked as the new style, it’s not using the set font family and size as it should be. So I’ve made sure we’ve got that marked as a bug to fix, and in the meanwhile I’m glad to hear that using the “all formatting” style option will work for your needs! :slight_smile:

Thank you MM. :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work.

As I understand it, font and font size are not character styles, but font face is — face meaning regular, italics, bold, etc. Am I wrong?

Sorry, I meant to say typeface. Bold, medium, italics, etc. would be part of character formatting, so that would be preserved if possible (to the extent the installed font family includes those variants) when applying a non-character style to existing text.