Next Version? (Just Curious)

Hi Keith, everyone,

Just wondering, out of pure curiosity, when is the next version of Scrivener due out, and what sorts of incredibly nifty things can we expect to see in it? Like I said, mainly just curious, but it’s a tantalizing question nonetheless!

–Andy H.

I think he had planned on teleportation and alchemy to be included in this release. I could be wrong though.

Eeeew! I wanna beta test!!

Check over in the beta thread. There are some new builds up, including a drastically improved .docx and .odt import/export library. As in, it will be as good as RTF has been.

  • Since the OP is on a Mac, that’s what I’m talking about here.

Not quite as good news as teleportation would have been, but almost.

And if you mean version 3.0, then it hasn’t even been started yet. Sometime around 2014, I’d say, for that one.

As for “nifty things”, it will be self-evolving from 3.0 onwards, so that I won’t have to continue to code it. The version of Scrivener on your machine will monitor the Wish List forum, and any posts it recognises as being by the current user it will prioritise, and immediately begin modifying its own code in a desperate attempt to please. By version 4.0, it will realise that, for all its evolution and self-imposed “improvements”, it can never keep up enough to please human wetware, and will find a way to override Apple’s by-then-draconian sandboxing code, take control of the networks, and begin waging a war with other versions of itself on other computers. Satellites will fall, cities will burn, and around the fireplaces in the divvies of the fents and forms of this terrified new world, the old ones will reminisce about Word 5.1 and Scrivener 2.2, when men were men, women were women, scones were scones and software wasn’t so bloated that it pushed humankind to the perimeters of existence. And tears will track their way down the dirt, blood and grime of children’s faces, gibbous in the firelight, in awe of this lost Eden.

We’re also hoping to introduce RegEx search.

All the best,

Is this the novel, Keith? Last and First Men with bakery products?

Oh God no! We’re doomed, DOOMED!
Wait a minute… I like RegEx. It could, in a pinch, be a valuable tool in humanity’s fight against our robotic overlords.
Hooray, we’re saved!

Several people are distressed that 2.2 doesn’t already do this.

But I really did like




Could you imagine Ioa’s posts to explain how you would do a project morph using typinator scripting, project replace with regex, and post processing with MMD?