Nice preview: 1.5

Hi Keith,
I just had a look at the blog site and saw the 1.5 screen shot. Very promising!

I look forward to the moment I will working in it :smiley:

best wishes,

Ooh, I hadn’t seen that. Looking very nice indeed, Keith!

Yes indeed!
(P.S. Is the “Context” button the one you press to take you to the “Library/Coffee-shop/Kitchen table/Pub” menu?)

Can’t wait! A couple of thoughts, though:

  • I hope the page in page layout view sits centrally in the window, completely surrounded by background colour. Having it glued to the side of the window makes it look less like a page.

  • I was hoping that the separate Document Links panel would be rolled into the binder, but it’s still there, separate. This is the one aspect of Scrivener I really felt needed updating. I find that if I add links, I promptly forget they are there because I reserve that pane for doc & project notes. Links seem to me to belong in the binder, along with all other reference material.

Really looking forward to the next iteration. Text controls! That removes the last reason for ever leaving Scrivener.

No, the page won’t sit centrally. It will be glued to the left, as in Pages, and this will not change.

I never gave any indication that the references pane would change and given that this has never been a suggestion I’m not really sure why you thought this would happen. The next update does allow you to drag any file into the binder, though, but they won’t be links - they will be imported into the .scriv file but launched in an external editor. The references pane is purely for external links, and that certainly shouldn’t be integrated into the binder as they have separate functions.

I should also add that at this point the feature set for 1.5 is locked so nothing beyond what I have already slated for it will be added…

I always felt like the left-pinned page (which is half-way already there in our current versions) felt quite a lot like paper. After all, when I write on a blank page it is usually in some left bound book, like a Moleskine (though I have been known for being partial to “reporter binding” notebooks, too).

I’ll get used to it.

I didn’t think it would happen, I hoped it would happen… It’s the only part of Scrivener that doesn’t work for me.

In paper usage, a binder collects all your material, so you have one reference point that contains all your related stuff. Scrivener provides two reference containers, one of which is often hidden and disregarded in my usage. I feel it would be better to have everything in the binder, than to have to remember that six months ago I added an important link. Even some sort of “has external links” reminder indicator on the doc header would be better than forgetting completely that links exist.

No, in real life you put papers, photographs and anything else into a binder. You cannot put an external link into a real life binder. If you want to, you can write on one of the documents inside your binder where to find something externally… And guess what? That’s exactly how Scrivener works. You drag any material you need for the project into the binder. (And, as I say, in the next version you’ll be able to drag Excel files and any other type of file at all into the binder - they will get imported into the .scriv file, and opening them up will open them in an external editor, e.g. Excel.) You can make a note of any external references you need inside the documents within the binder - which, rather handily, have a references pane for exactly that.

So the metaphor is sound, and there is no way it would make sense to have external links within the binder - and it won’t happen. (The next update, following a suggestion by David Hewson and a couple of other users, does have an indicator in the buttons at the inspector that shows whether or not each pane has any content, though.)

Looking at the screenshot again, I just noticed that the new rounded index cards also seem to have a ‘stack’ image style - is this used to signify that a card contains other documents? Good idea, if so :slight_smile:

Yes - but the current version of Scrivener already does this, so that’s not a new feature… :slight_smile:

:blush: Evidently I am just a sucker for rounded corners, then.

Excellent. That’s all I’m after, in the end.

Like the look of the POV menu. 8)

Is the labels menu to be elsewhere?

Very nice preview indeed. Page layout view might end up being my preferred working environment.

Something I don’t like very much (but will probably end up being used to) is the Finder-style colorization of items in the Binder. In a word, I find this heavy marking too distracting.

With the current version, I use colored icons as a guide, to show where a character is (color or mix of colors), and what the status of the scene is (color intensity).

This touch of color sits in the side of the scene flow. It does not invade the scene flow, as in the 1.5 preview. I like to be able to use colors, not to be used by attractive colors.

The Finder style of colorization is manly meant to categorize things. While it might work in the Binder if you only use colors to show the status of scenes, I fear it might not work as well (and end up being a distraction) if colors should be used in a more ductile way.


I’m regretting posting the screenshot now. :slight_smile:

Eldritch - what do you mean? The POV menu is the label menu. “Label” has just been renamed to “POV” via the Labels & Status Setup sheet, which you can do in the current version, too.

ptram - the coloured rows are optional; you can still have just coloured icons if you prefer. There’s a new View submenu, View > Use Label Color In, with the options of Binder, Icons, Index Cards and Outliner Rows (Binder being the only actual new option).

Remember that the screenshot is just meant to show new features. Everything there can be turned off (and binder labels will be off by default anyway) and you can have it look exactly like 1.11, if you want.

All the best,


I knew instruction manuals were there for a reason.