I find myself incredibly sad at the news that Leonard Nomoy has died. Although I’m more of a Star Wars person, I grew up on Star Trek, and Spock is deservingly a feature of western culture now (Vulcan grip!) whether you fancy yourself too highbrow for such space operas or not. He was also, by all accounts, a lovely person: … -has-a-cry

My fingers part painfully but gladly in the Vulcan salute.

Mr. Nimoy is gone indeed, but Spock will never die. It’s just… logical.

Scotty’s beamed him up.
Bon voyage, Leonard

I too am sad. I’d read that he was ill, but somehow I imagined that he would go on and on. And until I read today’s obits, I didn’t realise that in addition to his accomplishments as a TV and film actor and film director, he had been successful on the stage, noteworthy as a photographer and recorded as a singer.

How can you not love a guy that sings about hobbits?