Nisus Writer Pro issue

Has anyone else had this - I export my script and then open it up in Nisus Writer Pro. If I then save out from Nisus Writer Pro in doc or rtf format all my content disappears. I just get 80 pages of blanks with the odd semi-colon. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Hi there,

I see you already posted the question in the Nisus forums, so my first line of help is out of the window. Oh, well. :wink:

I agree with Martin that it might possibly be a corrupt font you used. Clear the font caches (using, say, FontExplorerX) and / or reinstall the font in question. That should do the trick.


Hmmm - trashed my preferences and rebuilt the font list and I’m still getting the same issue, so in the end I’ve switched over to Mellel. I don’t mind the occasional crash but something that suddenly wipes all my data the night before I’m due to send a script off makes me very, very nervous.

Weird. I have been exporting & doing final edits in NWP for a few months now with no problems.

I had something similar and it turned out to be with the font size and other format settings in Scrivener which I had set to make the full screen mode look just a certain way.