nitpicking probably too early but...

I thought I would take a shortcut and change the font size by using the Font - Bigger/Smaller option in the drop down menu. No such luck. Both options make the font very tiny.

Also, I tried the Ctrl-Alt-C to get the copyright symbol and it didn’t work. I tried a number of letters and all I got was the capital letter of whatever key i had used.

All in all though, I like what I see. I did not prepare for Beta 1.4 to delete the files in Beta 1.3 but I did have backups and what I did have written before it was deleted was only about 100 words and nothing that could not easily be replaced. But I had been forewarned about that so my fault. Even with the saving every 2-5 seconds did not save the file anywhere. So, I’ll just make sure I backup before downloading a new version.