No adding templates in 3.1

I’ve been using the Add-template function extremly frequently to create new documents that have to fit a certain thing in my project.

Now that I’ve upgraded to 3.1, a right click and hovering over add makes all my templates greyed out. With project → from template; it works, but I used the right click frequently. What happened?

What can I do? Thanks in advance

I’m not seeing that one over here, can you try in a test project, like the Novel starter, that comes with document templates in it? Perhaps there is something specific to the project you are currently working on, if that the stock setup works.

I tried doing several new project but the problem remains.
When I’m in the corkboard mode and go: “RMB->Add” the templates are always greyed out. The only way to add them now is via the project tab, which is inconvenient.

All right, that’s good to know where you were trying to right-click. The binder works fine by the way, and what you’re trying is already filed as a bug (outliner doesn’t work right either).