No automatic handling of double spaces when moving word?


First of all, I almost feel like trespassing in this forum, since I’m a long-time Mac Scrivener user.

But I just downloaded the trial of Scrivener Win, since I suspect that I’ll be spending more and more time on my Bootcamp Win 7 Pro 64 partition and would like to have Scrivener available there, too.

On the Mac, I’ve been used to the text engine handling many routine chores automatically. Perhaps most importantly: if I double click a word and hit Delete to get rid of it, Scrivener automatically closes the gap with only one space between the words where the deleted one lived.

I was taken aback when I discovered that the Win version apparently doesn’t do this!

I was downright incredulous when I found that, if I double click a word and drag it to a new place between two words, Scrivener Win doesn’t add the requisite space on one side of the moved word, either.

Is this something that the Windows text system makes impossible? Then, if it’s at all feasible to include such basic functionality in the Scrivener code itself, I’d say it ought to have the highest priority.

I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable in a word processor that forces me to divert attention to such mundane tasks, now that I’ve been spoilt in the Mac environment.

Kind regards,