No automatic updates?

When I open Scriv… I get screenshot 1 asking me to of course update, and for some time now. When I click update and I get the 2nd message telling me I can’t - and or that I must do it manually? Why manually. How come I am not able to have it automatically update? Administrative rights? This is my computer and my software. I as well have this on my laptop but it updates automatically. Do I need to reset my administrative settings?


most probably you installed Scrivener as an Administrator, or administrative rights, which have been altered later on into a Power User. I would recommend navigate inside the Scrivener installation folder, Right click the application executable “Scrivener” and choose Run As Administrator. Scrivener will run and try to update from the new instance.

If the above does not help, download the full installer of Scrivener v1.9.7.0 from the official web site, uninstall Scrivener v1.9.0.0, and install a fresh copy of v1.9.70. I am afraid this might reset your Options to default values, if you can live with this. HTH.

Thank you – I’ll give it a go!