No "Back Up Now" in full screen?


The Back Up / Back Up Now menu command is greyed out when in full-screen. Is there a reason for this? Ss it would be really useful to have this option available in the menu.

I’m using applescript to call hourly backups when I’m working (based on checking Scrivener is open and computer isn’t idle etc), with the most important backup being the final one made after I walk away from the machine, but due to the greyed out menu this won’t work if I leave Scrivener is full screen mode.

I believe it’s because of the progress bar window that pops up not being available to the full screen interface, although I can’t remember offhand. I’ll take a look at it.
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Thanks Keith.

And if it helps, the pop-up progress bay appears fine for me when in full screen mode if I initiate a manual save with automatic backups.

This is when using fullscreen on the same monitor, I’ve never tested using full screen on my 2nd screen.


I’ve changed my backup script to stop using menu options (I learned it would never work in full screen with it’s hidden menu anyway). So it now sends a command-s to perform an immediate save & backup.

Works perfectly, full details here:

I’ve enabled Back Up Now and Back Up To in the next version anyway, but the hidden menu bar will still be an issue, obviously. When AppleScript support is properly added this will be much easier.

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