No backups?

After an unexpected power outage caused the loss of the entire chapter I was working on, I went to grab the backup figuring I’d at least have the previous version to work from, I discovered that while the beta version says it’s backing up on close, the folder was empty.

I created a new folder for backups (this was Monday) and that, too, is empty as of right now.

I do keep my files in a Dropbox folder so I was able to go in and look through previous versions and dig through the list of files until I found the chapter in it’s entirety (I do love me some Dropbox), but I’m wondering why the 3.0 beta isn’t creating backup files.

1.9 makes backups and I’m using the same settings (other than the target folder), so the problem is specific to the beta.

And one more thing. Holy crap, the folder names are ridiculously long strings of randomness when you have to look through the data folders in Dropbox to figure out which one holds your precious text. I had to search through 20 folders with names like: 55BDF93C-81C9-4647-BB42-980174299FE0 to find the one with my chapter in it.

Still, it would help to be able to at least rely on the backup system, which it seems, I can’t.

Since no one else has reported the problem, I assume it’s only me. Any thoughts? I sort of rely on having backups, ya know?

1.9 does a better job of saving data during unexpected power loss. I live in the boonies, this type of thing happens sometimes. Generally, when I reopen 1.9, it brings back at least the most recent save. I haven’t lost an entire document’s worth of text in a long time. I have both versions set to save after 2 seconds of inactivity. 1.9 does, the beta, did, I guess…since the the version of it was in Dropbox. But it did not recover that version on reopening…or any version of the document for that matter. On reopening, the document was blank. Cue panic, and an hour of scavenging through Dropbox. But all’s well that ends well.

Hope this helps with the ongoing project.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this.

To clarify, when you close the project it brings up the dialog saying ‘Creating Backup’ but does not create anything in the folder you have specified in File > Options > Backup > Backup Location. Correct?

Did this occur with the default Backups folder as well? Or have you always used a custom destination?

Thank you for your help with this.

That’s exactly right. The dialog comes up and yes, it’s the same with the default folders. I only created a new one after the power outage fiasco when I learned it hadn’t been backing anything up.

I’ve fiddled with the settings, same results. I turned off zip file creation, changed the number of backups to save, Nothing works.

Does Manual Backup work?

No, but I think I figured it out.

It is backing up.

I’m running the beta version in it’s own folder and I also still use 1.9 because the compile function of the beta has some issues still, and the beta is backing up to the 1.9 folder and not the folder specified in the beta version’s options.

I think you’ve done this already, but you may want to double-check your beta settings and confirm the folder you’ve got the beta pointing to for backups. I also run the beta and 1.9, have them pointing to different backup folders, and it works fine.

Not saying you’re not seeing an issue! Just pointing out that I’m not seeing that particular issue.


I have checked the folders and even made a new one and pointed the beta there. Then I set the beta to back up on save and hit save. Got the popup saying it was saving as I always do. Looked in the folder, and nothing, so I tried it a few more times.

Looked in the folder for 1.9 and there were all the beta backups. I can tell they’re for the beta because a) I didn’t have 1.9 open today so there should be no backups timestamped for today, and b) they won’t open with 1.9 and give the message that they were created with a newer version, and c) there is a whole set of ones where I tested the settings…like using the date, turning off .zip creation…all of them are in the 1.9 folder. ALL OF THEM. I made a bunch.

The project that you are using in the beta – does it have a project-specific backup setting that would override the general backup setting?

Oh, maybe. Hmm. I’ll check.

Cue waiting tune from Jeopardy.

Ding Ding. We have a winner.