No blank entry for "replace"[BUG LOGGED]

I’m classifying this as a bug rather than a suggestion because I can’t use the program without it – not having it would be a deal-breaker for me.

When I used Find/Replace, I can’t choose to leave the “Replace” box empty in order to replace whatever’s in the “Find” box with nothing.

For example, when I am editing several related sections of a manuscript at once, I will place a symbol like *** at the beginning of those sections to remind myself they need to be edited together. Sometimes I’ll use the *** to suggest alternate phrasing or to note that a description is missing from a paragraph and so on. I do lots of little in-manuscript edits this way. When I’m done with all my edits, I need to be able to FIND *** and REPLACE ALL with absolutely nothing, because nothing else should be there.

Actually, you can use the “Find” function without having to fill in a blank entry for “Replace”.

What happens is that the background of the highlighted word that you “Find” is quite light and difficult to see.

Try changing the font colour of your text to red and then use the function again without filling a word in “Replace” to see what I mean.

I believe the way that the “Find” function locates words and phrases and the manner that they highlight them has been noted.

EDIT: Nevermind/ ignore this post

wait, what? i just tried to do this and i am still confused. the replace button doesn’t become available until you enter something into the replace entry space. until then it is grayed out just as is the next and previous buttons until you type what you want to find into the find entry space. But if i would like to leave a blank space where the series of symbols were as AudryT wants to do this isn’t possible at this time.

Ahh I see what you mean.

You can’t replace something to “blank”. Am I right?

I tested and you can definitely just hit the space bar once in the replace field and use it to replace all *** with a blank space.

But if you use those *** to break scenes, perhaps with Scrivener’s organizational options you can just file them under different cards and eliminate this step entirely.

This is definitely a bug and a blank is a valid find and replace option. This is a bug and will be fixed.