No Bold and Italicize for Arial Unicode MS?

formatted text copied from Evernote don’t display correctly in Scrivener! No Bold and Italicize for many common fonts. Is it a problem or designed like that? Thanks!

That is to be expected if the font itself does not have any of the variants you are trying to use. You may be referring to how some programs (mostly Microsoft) will fake it—basically just crudely tipping the letters over to simulate an italic face, or puff them up with pixel padding to make them bold. It’s something you generally want to avoid if at all possible, anyway.

The other thing that can happen: some fonts have lots of variants instead of not enough, and the addressing and naming of these variants can confuse the text engine. It can’t find simple bold because the font has three or four different levels of emboldening available. That’s a pretty rare scenario however, usually only expensive professional fonts have that many variants. With Unicode fonts, the situation is usually just that they don’t have all variants and combinations, because with so many glyphs in the font set, it takes that much more effort to hand draw an entire copy of that Unicode set in a different style.