No break between documents


When exporting a Draft, there are three options for separating documents: two empty lines, a single empty line, or a symbol.

I miss a fourth option, that is “no line”. Just a single carriage return. In particular when writing synopsis, I usually separe each section with a space above paragraphs - not with an empty line. So, I must currently work ith searching and replacing, that is no fun.

Wouldn’t this addition be easy to do?


“Single newline” is just that - a single carriage return. It does not leave a blank line at all. I just checked it, exporting only synopses and titles, and voila - no blank lines between documents. Have you actually tried it?

Yes, “single newline” works as well for short stories set together from pieces. The text gets exported without any break.

But I also stopped reading the labeling of the options - “single newline” reads easily wrong as “a single line between parts”. I translated it for me as

single newline = no empty line between parts
double newline = one empty line between parts (the option to choose when having scenes as documents)


Hmm, I think it is fairly self-explanatory… A newline is just that - a new line. One new line = start the next bit of text on a new line. :slight_smile:

I see where the problem was: I put a blank line at the end of each section. This is the empty line I find in the synopsis, not something inserted by Scrivener. Sorry.


Just since we are there, I wonder if it is just me, who adds an empty line at the end of all his writings. It is like a tic: end a text, and add an empty space. This is where I place the cursor, to get it out of the way.


Keith, I’m back. Is there any hope a “No line break” can be inserted as an additional option? I still feel compelled to end each section with a manual break. Maybe I should simply change my habit, but I wonder if there is an opportunity to slightly modify the code to add this further option. For maniacal Return key hitters.