« No-Breaking Space » does not compile correctly.

The typographic code of some languages commands the use of No-Breaking Space (NBSP) between some characters (notably before punctuation marks). Therefore, to enable the automatic substitutions I needed, I did the following :

(1) Edit =〉 (2) Options =〉 (3) Auto-Correction =〉 (4) Enable Additional Substitutions =〉 (5) Edit Substitutions =〉 (6) + =〉 (7) Replace «character» With «NBSPcharacter».

It works fine in Scrivener. The substitutions go smoothly. Unfortunately when I try to compile to .docx, .doc or .txt formats some EXTRA spaces are included next to the previous NBPS :

There are TWO extra spaces in the .docx format next to the NBPS ;
there are TWO extra spaces in the .doc format next to the NBPS ; and
there is ONE extra space in the .txt format next to the NBPS.

I hope you will kindly correct this bug. A proper punctuation is the base of any text layout.
Thank you!


In one of the previous versions, I encountered the same, but in the opposite way : texts imported from Word (after having saved them as rtf) would import with more and more added spaces.


Something of this is still present now, in 021 : Very often, these non breaking spaces are replaced by two simple spaces (sometimes more).