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If I change the name of documents in the binder, the internal reference links (in other documents) break.


Under what circumstances do they break? I was positive this worked, so I tested it and the link stayed active for me. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Drag-and-drop a document from the Binder into the current document
  2. Click on document I just linked
  3. Changed the name in the Binder
  4. Cmd-[ to go back in the history
  5. Clicked link (which was named wrong, but that is understandable)
  6. Arrived in same target document.

I just tested the References link list too, and it worked.

Hm. Seems to work for me, too. Probably my error. Sorry.


Lol, I like this topic title.

Just to clarify how this works, in case it helps: references, whether “Scrivener” links (hyperlinks to other project documents within the text) or stored in the References table, just hold the unique identifier to the other document. That way, it doesn’t matter whether you rename a document, the link will still work. Note, though, that if you do change the name of a document, any links to it will still use the old name (because I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions about modifying your text, and Reference table links can have arbitrary titles anyway). But even though they have different titles, the links should still work.

If you delete a linked document, then the link (whether a hyperlink or References table link) will still exist, but it will just show a dialogue box telling you that it cannot find the document. You will have to remove obsolete links manually.

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