No bulls eye in the footer bar

I just noticed that I don’t have this anymore when using my own novel template. But I don’t remember removing it or how I did that. So now I don’t know to get the bulls eys back to the footer. Please help :slight_smile:

You mean the document’s wordcount target? image
Make sure you ain’t in scriptmode.
Check to see whether your document’s icon is yellow (script) or white (normal).
(Ctrl-8) is the default shortcut to toggle between the two.
This setting is per document. So you may have some of one, and some of the other, all in a single project.

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First: Thanks for your help. I feel rather stupid now because after writing in Scrivener for round about two years I really don’t know what scriptmode is … :flushed:
I really should start looking at ALL the features …

So I tried this and no I was not in script mode (happy now to know what it is). What to try next? :slight_smile:

This is how it looks. If I open a new project which is not based on my template for this series I get the bulls eye. So I must have done something to make it vanish. Which annoys me a lot :smiley: How did I do this? Why? When?

This is what you would get, displaying a scrivening. Either by having more than one document selected in the binder, or displaying a document plus its nested document(s).

In other words: it only shows up when there is a single document loaded in the editor.

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O dear, and I never noticed this … Don’t know why I did now. Sorry for my confusion and thanks again :slight_smile:

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