no buttons working

Well, I can get Scrivener to open, but it takes several clicks before it will open the blank page, and once there I can’t seem to get any of the commands to work. Pretty much the only thing that works is my typing in the text on the main section. I can’t type in text on the index card, or in the title section, or get any of the tabs or buttons to work.
As far as the novel or short story format, it is very hit or miss as to whether it will open at all.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having some rather unusual trouble. What kind of input device are you using? Some tablet pointers don’t seem to work well with Scrivener yet, producing this kind of unresponsiveness from the program, so my first suggestion is to try a different mouse.

Thanks for the advice…I’ll switch out to a regular mouse and see what happens. :mrgreen:

Yep, that little fix seems to have done it…thanks!

Glad you’ve got it working! Hopefully in future Lee will be able to take a look at it and figure out what might be done to make Scrivener more tablet-happy, but at least you’ve got it up and running. Welcome aboard!