No carriage in Synopses

Balls, guess this will be wish list - why can you not have carriage returns in Synopses? - some of these are going to be very large in my system. Bum

Go to Tools -> Options -> Navigation Tab -> Untick "Return ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner. You’ll now be able to use the return key in the notecards.

Thanks - very odd behaviour as I am not in Outliner or Corkboard.

V grateful for the info as I was cutting and pasting or dragging carriage returns. Is this classed as a bug or an idiosyncrasy??


I believe this is more something we can toggle on and off depending on what we prefer. The synopsis is what we see on the notecard when we’re in corkboard mode so that’s why it’s tied to that specific toggle.

OK thanks

Jennifer just to say this caught me out AGAIN (reinstalled on new machine). I really do think it is massively counter intuitive in the Inspector NOT to be able to add a carriage return. V odd.