no "Comments and Footnotes" yet?

I was happily surprised just now to find that when I copied a Scrivener 2 Mac manuscript via flash drive to my PC, it opened in the Windows beta 0.2.0.

Unfortunately, all my “Comments and Footnotes” were gone.

I have a zillion “Comments” which are conveniently linked to specific text which will allow me to revisit various areas later rather than agonizing to reach perfection as I write the first draft.

I can’t live without those “Comments,” even though I much prefer my PC to my Mac.

So, even though I bought my Mac just for Scrivener, I’d give it up in a minute if there was a Windows version that didn’t drop all my linked up “Comments.” Ironically, my current Mac reminds me so much of the blue-screen-of-death days of Windows. Those days are years in the past with my PC, but seem to be current with Macs. (Very unstable, somewhat slow, tiny monitor (in my case), poor functionality and mouse, SJobs… the list goes on.)

So what I’m really hoping is that someone will tell me that the comments are actually still there but that I’ve simply failed to find them perhaps???

There aren’t inspector comments in the Windows version yet, but there are inline annotations and footnotes. In theory of course your inspector notes should switch to inline when you bring the project over to Windows, but if that didn’t happen (and I haven’t checked, it might be a logged bug–I know there were issues with this earlier), just convert them first in the Mac version. They should come over smoothly then. (Again, haven’t checked recently to see if there were any recent issues about this. I’ve done it all right in the past, though.)

In my testing with b20, round-trip with inlines is fragile. So long as you don’t edit anything, they appear to go back and forth just fine, but editing them will probably cause them to break, revealing code in the main editor on the Mac. Linked comments should at the moment be avoided entirely for cross-platform purposes. They don’t show up, and editing a file with them in it will destroy them. As suggested, convert them to inlines first.

Aside: is your Mac still under warranty? The things you listed all sound abnormal to me (sans the mouse bit, but you can use just about any mouse you want on a Mac; no need to stick with Apple’s mice), and it might be worthwhile to have it checked by a tech.

Thanks MM! I’ll try the inline thing later this evening. Even if it works though, I’d rather have them in the inspector. Do you know if that is planned for the Windows version at some point? (I’ve checked for features lists, but haven’t run across any yet.)

Thanks AmberV! I didn’t go round trip - just Mac to PC. And I didn’t edit anything at all, just looked to see what was there, and the chapters were all there but their linked “comments” were gone, and there was nowhere even for them in the Inspector. A quick read-through side-by-side (with the same document up in my Mac and on my PC) shows that there is nothing in-line either. Just poof. So I’ll try the inline thing you and MM suggested later this evening. Thanks much!

Aside: I appreciate your comments on the Mac. I know that MANY people love them and I certainly respect that. They aren’t for me though, even though I’m an artist (Painter, Photoshop), and many people who run all the same software I do are happy with their Macs. But warranty doesn’t matter because I knew going in what it would be like, and I have nothing I can claim on the warranty side of things even though I think it might still be valid.

My complaints are the same regardless of whether I’m on my friend’s Mac, a Mac at the Apple Store, or the Mac I was forced to use at a job while back. My bosses were thrilled that I was so well versed in all things Mac, and so efficient on it. I, on the other hand, was pulling my hair out because it slowed me down so much from equivalent tasks on PCs. (I’m a spreadsheet expert as well as a painting/graphics expert.) Pretty comical when you think about how perception differs from one person to another regarding exactly the same events. I’m glad though that my bosses were pleased, even if I was going bonkers LOL.

Yes. Actually they tried to implement it earlier but it wasn’t working well and quickly, so they had to pull it out to concentrate on bug fixes before the release. But it’s fourth in the post-release feature poll, and since the winner was also the winner in the other poll for the first item after release, maybe the inspector comments will get moved up. At any rate, you’re certainly not the only one eager to get it, and it’ll probably be implemented before too long.

Hey, the inline thing worked!!! Thanks MM and AmberV :smiley:

So I can live with annotations for now on Windows, and later turn them back into Inspector Comments when they finish up the program - woohoo!!! And maybe I’ll keep some as annotations, though I’m thinking they might be in the way at the moment.

I also did a test on my Mac of turning the newly minted annotations back into comments. Lost my whole color scheme. I checked for preferences that would allow me to keep it but couldn’t find any. I’ll check again when I have more time, but if the the color changes (loss) are genuine, and if it will be that way on the Windows version as well, that is a small detraction. The color scheme they reverted to is pleasing, but not as useful to me as my own.