No Compile Draft Option

I’m on day 4 on Scrivener’s free 30-Day trial & loving the corkboard & inspector BUT before I get too far along, I thought I’d try the Compile Draft feature. When I open the File drop down menu, I don’t find the Compile Draft option. There is a Compile Manuscript option which will not open the individual chapter documents in the Current Draft folder except as a list of titles.
Is this because I’m using the trial version or am I missing something?
Thanks much.

The “Compile” feature takes its name from the title of the “Draft” folder. If the “Draft” folder is renamed, so is the “Compile” feature. So, if you start from an empty project, you get a “Draft” folder and “Compile Draft”. If you use the novel template, the “Draft” folder has been renamed to “Manuscript” and thus you get “Compile Manuscript”.

It sounds as though you have misunderstood its use, though, I I would recommend taking another look at the tutorial, videos or Help file (under “Compiling the Draft” to understand the feature. In short, the Compile feature compiles the contents of the draft/manuscript folder into one long document for export or print. Thus you see a list of the titles that will be included. It sounds as though you may have been looking for the “Edit Scrivenings” feature, which combines documents temporarily for editing.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks, Keith, I’ll review the tutorials.