No content when I attempt to compile.

When I click on Compile, the content section is empty, but I have eight different chapters. I’ve used the same settings for each story I’ve written and have never encountered this problem before. Nothing I’ve attempted has fixed it. I just recently updated the program, is there some extra step tot he process that I’m missing now?

Make sure that the chapters are inside the Draft (or Manuscript) folder.

Make sure that you have selected Draft (or Manuscript) in the Contents pane, not a sub-section of it.


This is the same problem I’m having–my contents aren’t showing up when I’m ready to compile. I have my chapters inside the manuscript folder. I have the manuscript selected in the contects pane. But nothing shows up!
Could this have something to do with my earlier mistake of making back-up copies somewhere else? If so, how do I make sure Scrivener is now backing up copies where it should be?

Screenshots of your Binder andof the initial compile window would help

As lunk said, screenshots would help.

Also, in the Compile -> Formatting pane, make sure you’ve checked “Text” in the row that applies to the missing files.

The state of your backups should be completely irrelevant. Compile deals exclusively with the contents of the current version of the project.