No cursor when entering blank right-aligned table cell

Any table cell that is right-aligned seems to have no cursor present when you enter it via any means (tab or clicking). This only occurs if the cell has no contents, and if the cell is right-aligned, but appears to happen consistently. Difficult to tab through or even click into a cell when this occurs.

It also appears to only happen with 1px table borders, not 0px or 2px. Further, the issue only occurs at certain widths (For example, I can always reproduce on a split-screen vertical layout with the cell width at 32% or less, at 33% or higher it doesn’t happen). Seems to be related to cell computed width factoring in window and monitor size, so without the ability to set cell width in px or em i can’t give a proper test case.

Thanks for the report. Testing this, it looks like the problem is just that the insertion point is falling pretty much on the border when right-aligned, so it’s very difficult to see in some columns (I noticed it was sometimes more obvious when in the last cell of the row), but it is there. If you change the table border to a light color, for instance, you’ll be able to see the cursor clearly, or if you switch to using a block insertion point (in the Editor tab of Tools > Options) you can make it wide enough that it becomes visible.

I’m still putting this on the list, since obviously it would be nice to have the insertion point moved over and visible without needing to fiddle with the other settings, but in the meantime you might want to try one of those adjustments to make your work easier.

I had discounted this because I was using a very light border color (I would guess it was roughly a #CCCCCC grey), and saw no black cursor…i don’t think it’s the color, i think the border is drawn over the cursor regardless.

Didn’t know about block insertion, even setting a block insertion width of 2 causes a 1 pixel blinking block to appear, so the other pixel is stuck behind the border. Thanks for the tip!