No data in my projects. Just folders and headings

So I am moving from a Mac to Windows while my computer is being fixed. I opened up Scrivener and it asked me where I wanted to put the tutorial. I created a scrivener folder in my docs and it went ahead and opened up the tutorial. However, when I go to actuall go through it, there is no data. No words, just the different folders.

This is very frustrating and the help files don’t seem to show anyone else having this problem.

I have a book to write and at this point I have lost ALL of my research and documentation

The tutorial is generated from scratch every time you make one, it won’t have anything that you’ve written before, on the Mac. You need to copy your project from the Mac over to the Windows computer and open that project specifically.

The issue with the tutorial appearing blank sounds like another problem though. I’m not sure what or how that happened. I’d just delete the Tutorial.scriv folder (or whatever you named it) and make another one if you need it.

When I open my project in Scrivener it also comes up blank. The folders and headings are there, but my writing is not

So every single project that you open appears blank? I wonder if maybe there is a font or font colour problem then. For instance, do the sections have word counts? Does Project/Statistics make it look like content must be there? If so, it’s probably just white on white text or something.

Ok so I came down off of the ledge and calmed down a bit. I uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener. The first time I opened it up the tutorial was blank. So I deleted that file and created another one. It opened up fine.

Then I deleted the files I had copied from my Mac and reimported them into the Scrivener folder. The project file opened up fine with all of my data still there.

sigh…I really miss my mac :unamused:

Strange! I have no idea what happened there, but I’m glad you got it sorted out. Or maybe the first time you copied the project, only part of it copied over. The data files are separate from the binder file, so if only the binder file and a few other things copy over, it can result in an empty outline. In that case you’d get icons that look like typed in pages, but when you click the item has no text and the icon reverts to an empty sheet of paper.