No Dictionary folder/All words marked as misspelled

I have been using the Beta version since September and have been haveing an issue with spelling. All words are marked as being spelled incorrect. I have downloaded every English Dictionary available and none of them seem to make a difference. I have found this topic and tried to follow the instruction to identify the issue but I have the Beta version on my work PC which has been imaged by my work so when I follow your instructions to go to (C:\Program Files\Scrivener) there is no Scrivener folder there. When I search for a scrivener folder it is in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ and then in two locations a, folder called Scrivener and also another folder called LiteratureandLatte/Scrivener. Neither of these folders have a Dictionary folder. When I search my C Drive for 'Hunspell" I also get no results so it appears there is some issue with the Dictionary folder being integrated into my operating system.

Has anyone else encounted this issue or been able to fix it. Otherwise can this be marked as an issue to be addressed


There is no folder named Dictionary.

If you install as admin so that it can be used by all users, 64-bit Scrivener will install to C:\Program Files\Scrivener and 32-bit Scrivener will install to C:\Program Files (x86).

If you install as non-admin, Scrivener doesn’t have permissions to write to the central directories so installs it under your profile, by default under the folder: C:\Users<username\Documents\Scrivener (at least it does under RC11, which seems to be a bug I will post in a different thread.) The hunspell folder is under this location. If you don’t have it, you may need to reinstall Scrivener.

Thanks for replying Devin,
I am working with the IT department to get me permissions to install into the C Drive. We aren’t quite sure why it isn’t letting me save to this location as as far as we can tell I have administrator access. That is an issue for them.

If I install scrivener under whatever permissions I do have it saves it under my user profile C:\Users<username\Documents\Scrivener . I can locate the ‘hunspell’ file and inside it has a sub folder called ‘dict’ and then I have 3 English language folders one for UK, US and AU. In the program under Options/Corrections/Spelling can see these languages listed under dictionary and can sellect them but I still have the same issue. All words are marked with red dots as though they are spelled incorrect. Is this because of the way I have installed the program under the user profile or is this another bug in the system?

I don’t know. When I tried this on my Windows 10 machine (created a local non-admin user), I was able to install the latest beta under C:\Users<username\Documents\Scrivener and the spelling system worked normally. However, this wasn’t Windows 10 Enterprise (which is what I assume your workplace is using – some sort of Windows Enterprise version – because that’s the version that allows joining an Active Directory domain and centralized management through Group Policy) and so I have no idea what policies may be in place that would be affecting you. I suspect that once you and your IT team narrow down what is keeping you from being able to install as admin, this will become a moot point.

If you have the ability to spin up a virtual machine that you can run with a non-domain joined installation of Windows and install Scrivener in that, that might be the least amount of work for you to work around whatever is going on with your work machine. In theory, Windows 7 through 10 includes the Hyper-V feature that you can enable so that you can run your own virtual machines without any third-party software.

Ok, IT was able to fix the permissions issue with my computer. When I install scrivener with Admin permission (can also right-click on the .exe file and select Run as Administrator) The default save location is C:\Program Files\Scrivener and after the install and opening my project up the Dictionaries are now working. I only have the red dots underlining my misspelled words (admittedly there are a lot but that is my own fault :laughing: ).

So if anyone else is using Windows 10 Enterprise and experiencing the same problem as me, only installing Scrivener as Administrator in the C drive allowed the dictionaries to work.

I am currently using Beta version 11 and have had this issue since starting to use the Beta version. Hopefully this bug can be sorted out in the future so it works with only user installs as well

Excellent! Good news to hear.

Note that this is likely not a problem with Windows Enterprise per se, but rather with any Active Directory global policies that your IT crew may have in place that would affect all of the Windows computers in your domain. It’s extremely easy to create security policies that have unintended consequences.